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Phoenix Career can help you identify, connect with and recruit the right professionals with the necessary qualifications, for vacancies of any seniority level or specialisation within the ICT domain. We deliver value by supporting your recruitment efforts with some of the most challenging, niche or urgent search assignments within your organisation.

Once we conduct an exploratory discussion with you, to throughly flesh out your requirements, expectations and needs, we will search our extensive candidate network and proactively seek out top-level experts who match the job specifications.


Are you on the lookout for a superstar to join your team at executive level? A prolific leader and outstanding professional who is to continuously envision, strategize, formulate and actualize the on-going success of your company?

You can count on us to be your capable and dedicated partner in this vital search. Drawing on our past successes in securing win-win executive level hires for tech companies of diverse sizes, we will address your recruitment needs with enthusiasm, proficiency, prudence and thorough commitment.

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For a pre-agreed fixed fee, we will provide you with an operative candidate shortlist, crafted by a senior headhunter. Phoenix Career will present you with the applications of 5 top candidates who:
1) Match the requirements of the vacancy;
2) Have been pre-screened and interviewed by a specialist senior recruiter;
3) Have expressed a genuine interest in the vacancy;
4) Are potentially suitable in terms of soft skills, leadership experience and cultural fit as well.

If the hiring manager is not interested in interviewing one or more of the candidates initially presented, we will extend the search and look for additional matches, until we get to a finalised list of 5 qualified and motivated applicants. 



Our mission as well as our strength lies in helping YOU get introduced to top performing seasoned and self-motivated telco and IT professionals. The history of telecommunications and high tech is the ultimate story of evolution and ground-breaking innovation. But let’s face it, it is people – driven, smart, hard-working people – who are always the key to an organisation’s success.

Telecommunications Recruitment Services


Riding the continuous waves of innovation, the telecommunications sector never stands still and certainly not in the digital age! Since the technology is developing at such a fast rate, it comes as no surprise that this industry segment is particularly affected by talent shortages. 

We have proven success in supporting network infrastructure providers, operators, software vendors and systems integrators in their talent identification and recruitment efforts. From BSS and OSS, to Virtualization and Cloud, to 5G, Security and Smart City – Phoenix Career can assist you in headhunting the right specialists, managers and leaders for your team. 


Some of the most coveted IT skills right now are within digital transformation. More and more we are seeing that businesses are struggling to cope with the demand for capable and seasoned professionals in this space, due to heightened competition and ever-growing talent shortages. And while there are numerous different strategies and practices organizations can implement to address these needs long-term, what happens when you urgently need to fill a critical position requiring such qualifications?

This is where specialist digital transformation headhunters come in handy. Our recruiters have access to exceptionally vast global networks of professionals with a variety of skills related to cutting edge technologies and digital transformation advisory. We can support you in the sourcing, reviewing and engagement of top talent within IT and High Tech.

ICT Recruitment
consulting ICT recruitment services


We have had the privilege of collaborating with many of the top management, strategy and technology consulting firms and professionals on a global level. Being adept at helping other organisations navigate their business transformation journeys, consulting companies in the digital age have had to simultaneously undergo transformations themselves, in order to continuously provide the value and innovation that their customers expect. 

We know from experience that identifying and bringing in the right professionals for consulting positions can be a highly complex and time-consuming endeavor. Phoenix Career can certainly help with such placements at all seniority levels, from Analyst and Consultant.


We can assist you in filling these and similar positions


Access to top talent

Hire the very best

Gain a competitive advantage by securing the leading experts in your field for your very own team.

Targeted and proficient approach

Save Time and Money

Hiring a top specialist headhunter ensures that the process of identifying, engaging and recruiting a suitable professional is efficient and effective, saving you time and money in the long run.

Professional Representation

Promote Your Brand

All the conversations your assigned headhunter will have with prospective candidates will help spread the word about your company through professional positive representation.  

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