[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Reasons Why Employees Quit

Reasons For Job Dissatisfaction

[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Common Reasons Why Employees Decide To Change Employers


More employers than ever are facing talent shortages globally.

With heightened competition among employers for candidates with rare and unique skills, and increasingly high voluntary termination rates, we can safely say that we are currently living in a candidate-driven market.

This infographic aims to shine a light on several factors commonly cited by professionals looking for new career opportunities outside of their current employment. The topic of staff retention and employee (dis)satisfaction is explored in more detail in this article.


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[bctt tweet=”Lack Of Trust In The Leadership Team Is A Common Cause Of Job Dissatisfaction. 63% Of Employees Don’t Trust Their Leader! #Infographic” username=”talent_digger”]
[bctt tweet=”87% Of Company Executives Believe That A Strong Internal Mobility Program Would Boost Employee Retention Rates. #Infographic” username=”talent_digger”]
[bctt tweet=”Both Underwhelming And Excessive Workloads Can Play A Major Role In Employee Turnover. #Infographic” username=”talent_digger”]
[bctt tweet=”Job Security – A Key Driver Of Individual Wellbeing. This #Infographic Explores Several Major Factors Of Job (Dis)satisfaction.” username=”talent_digger”]
[bctt tweet=”72% Of Employees Rank Respectful Treatment To Be The Most Important Factor In Job Satisfaction. #Infographic” username=”talent_digger”]
[bctt tweet=”Most People Look For Meaning In Their Jobs: 73% Of The 1000+ Survey Respondents Claim That Purpose & Meaning At Work Are Principal Drivers For Them. #Infographic” username=”talent_digger”]



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