We provide a wide range of services to suit our customers’ unique needs.

Most of our clients work with us to fill specialist, mid to senior to exec level permanent job positions, and we offer a range of retained value propositions for such requirements.

We also provide search and selection services for contract positions.

Additionally, for clients who prefer to handle the actual interview and recruitment process themselves internally, we offer a quick and cost-effective shortlist service. This is where we help identify and engage 5 outstanding candidates who match the requirements and expectations of our client for a specific career opportunity.

We are IT headhunters, who excel in the areas of telecoms, digital transformation and professional services.

In short, we provide search and selection services predominantly within the following domains:

  • Telecoms BSS/OSS
  • SDN, NFV, Cloud, SaaS
  • Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, IoT
  • Telecoms IT & Digital Transformation Consulting

Location-wise, our network of IT superstars is very much global and our recruiters have experience in successfully placing professionals across the following regions:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Gulf Region
  • APAC

Anyone who has been in a management position for a certain period of time knows that hiring and especially – hiring the right person – is no small feat. Time is needed to define the scope of the position you are looking to fill, to agree on the budget, to work with the hiring team to agree on an accurate job specification, to ask for referrals among your colleagues and professional acquaintances, to post job ads across various platforms, to sift through tens or hundreds of CVs, to arrange 1st, 2nd, 3rd rounds of interviews, to go through references and to negotiate salaries. Even in an ideal scenario, where you would be able to find a good enough candidate relying on job board ads and proactive candidate applications, this process still takes a lot of time and requires the commitment of several team members. When you factor in highly specialised roles within a limited talent pool in a highly competitive environment, this becomes a very complex task indeed.

Phoenix Career is here to help you fill your most niche, challenging, critical or time-sensitive positions. We pride ourselves on the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our services. Our main goal is to help YOU achieve your hiring and strategic goals quickly and effectively. Spending months and years using subpar outdated recruitment methods to hire people who are not sufficiently qualified, motivated or aligned with your business strategy will inevitably cost you time, money and in some cases may result in unhappy customers and bosses. Why not entrust the process to a proven senior specialist headhunter who will Identify and headhunt top talent for your most strategic vacancies?

We rely predominantly on proactive search and selection. This means that rather than placing ads and limiting our talent pool to those who are actively searching for new opportunities and applying on job boards, we build our own candidate pipeline starting from the job requirements and hiring manager’s expectations and preferences. Our reach extends far beyond resume databases and job boards. We rely on our already strong network of global IT and telco specialists, request referrals from trusted professional contacts, scout all the major social media networks, map our client’s competitors and proactively engage with anyone who matches over 90% of the established job requirements.

Each search entails reviewing hundreds, sometimes thousands of career profiles. We then create our internal shortlist and speak to as many potentially suitable prospects as possible. Selecting only the ones who closely match the position requirements and the hiring manager’s description of their ideal candidate, we also evaluate applicants based on their communication skills, expectations and career aspirations, travel flexibility, cultural fit, and very importantly – their enthusiasm and drive. Thus we present you with a final shortlist of around 3 to 6 outstanding professionals, who we believe you would be excited to get introduced to and interview further. Our interview to CV ratio is typically around 90%, but in case you are not interested in interviewing one or more of the presented candidates, we continue the search for top job matches in order to have a steady, failproof talent pool.

Our clients hire us to represent them and identify and recruit top talent for vacancies which are pivotal for their organizations. Our fees are paid by the employers, never by candidates. We do however assist candidates in any way we can, and even though we cannot offer any guarantees when trying to help people find new roles, we do our best to match them to relevant career opportunities.

Since we offer a truly consultative service, you may have guessed that the short answer to this question is – “It depends.” However, we want to be as straightforward and transparent with our customers as possible, which is why we have outlined the principal services we offer below:

  • Our most economical option is the Shortlist offering, which is a service any company can easily afford while still getting what they need the most: A list of outstanding candidates who are interested in hearing more about the job. 
  • Another option which is extremely cost-effective is our Hiring Partner plan – this is where we guarantee the successful fulfilling of several job requirements for a pre-agreed flat fee. Similarly to the Shortlist service, this is very much a unique type of offering within the recruitment sector.
  • For highly specialist or senior and executive level roles, especially ones which are affected by talent shortages, we propose the Retained service. This option guarantees success and the fee is to be agreed upon in the initial consultations so that the client knows exactly what to expect in terms of financials. While this may vary depending on the complexity of the job order, the cost is approximately 15% of the annual basic salary offered for the position.

Good question! There can be a lot of variation here as the length of the process very much depends on how many decision-makers will be interviewing the candidate, what their availability will be like and how quickly they can come to an agreement and decision about the right candidate. From our side, it usually takes us between 2 and 3 weeks to prepare the candidate shortlist. From then on the process can take from 1 to 3-4 months (again, this is mostly dependent upon numerous factors, such as the complexity of the vacancy, the hiring team’s preferences and availability). Different countries work with notice periods of varying lengths – from 2 weeks up to 3 months. When it comes to the notice period, we will have this information very early on in the process so there will be no surprises further down the road.

We are always keen to connect with talented professionals and domain experts. Please send us your details via the form in the CV Upload section of the website.

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